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The Junior School Council is an important part of our school leadership program and provides members with an understanding of the processess of meetings and decision making. Many improvements that have been made around the school over the years are due to Junior School Council initiatives that originated from student suggestions.

To further their understanding of decision making at the school level some members of the Junior School Council will be given the opportunity to attend formal School Council meetings during the year. The Junior School Council is also responsible for the organisation of many major fundraising campaigns that benefit our school, local community, Australia and the world around us.

We wish to congratulate the elected members of this year’s Junior School Council. These children have been selected by their peers to represent their grades and their buddy grades at regular meetings.

Classroom Representatives

Each rep’s buddy grade has been written in brackets after their name.

Grade 3

Lara (2V), Aleecia (2T), Amity (2B), Melissa (2J) & Tia (2D)

Grade 4

James (1J), Bethany (1S), Oliver (2S), Bethan (1J) & Baxter

Grade 5

Chiara (Prep C), Mikayla (1H), Naveen (1V) & Thomas (1D)

Grade 6

Ali (Prep D), Callum (Prep W), Tom (Prep M) & Kiralee (Prep B)

School Captains
Renee & Nick


Vicki Shaw & Rachael May

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  1. Hi J.SC’S miss you and can’t wait for our next meeting about 5 frenzy I’ve collected like 1,0000! Bye and thank you Miss May and Mrs Shaw!

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