How are we going?

Well done to everyone at Apollo for raising just over $500 in our first ‘5cent Frenzy’ collection.


Thanks to the girls who cam along to Mrs Shaw’s room on Wednesday to create a life size graph to keep a track of how much money we have raised – it looks great! This graph will be updated after each collection and will be displayed in the Art Room.

How much money do you think the school will raise by the next collection?

We hope you’re involved in the …

Well done to all of our JSC reps who have been attending each meeting. We have begun raising money for the ‘5cent Frenzy’ and last Wednesday some of our JSC reps and their friends had a working bee to create posters to hang up around the school. Thanks for helping everyone!

Well done to 1S who raised around $100 in the first collection. The next collection is THIS FRIDAY – 10th MAY.

How do you collect your five cent pieces?

How much has your grade raised so far?

Buddy Grade

On the ‘About Us’ page under the title, we have added your buddy grade next to each of your names. We will also give you a printed out list at our meeting tomorrow in Room 10 at recess. Your job is to communicate and information with both your buddy grade and your own grade.

Well done for all your hard work so far, much more to come 🙂

ANZAC Day Badges

Thanks to everyone for coming to our first meeting on Wednesday.

Don’t forget to let both your buddy grade and your own grade know that there are ANZAC Day badges on sale from Mrs Shaw or Miss May’s rooms. A good time to speak to your buddy grade and for them to buy the badges would be during lunch eating time. They range in price from $2 to $10.

Looking forward to seeing you all at our meeting, next Wednesday recess, Room 10.